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-- Original People --
Angel, Robert
Aurelius, Kirsten
Bailey, Hargis Ray
Balog, April
Barnett, Bonnie and George
Belcher, Beverly
Bitner, Jen
Blunk, Tara
Bogardus, Larisa
Brown, Benjamin Keith
Brown, Trish
Buckner, Ben
Burwinkel, Dan and Angela
Cameron, Rita
Castle, David
Chapman, Phil and Susan
Craddock, Lisa Conrad
Craigo, Karen Kay
Davis, Mark
Deaton, Paula
Dermon, Dolly
Divine, Leonora
Estep, Larry
Evans, Kathy and Tony
Farrar, William Watson IV (BIL)
Fossett, Susan
Frisa, Rick
Gilbert, Donna
Gillespie, Mark
Gingerich, Robin (Thane)
Glascock, Tommy
Graff, Jamison
Griffith, Samantha
Haggerty, Robin Pennell
Hamon, Tish
Harbaugh, Chris
Hester, Jennifer
Hicksenhytzer, Jane
Hobbs, Emery
Hornbuckle, Robert Cyrus (Bob)
Howard, Leslie
Howard, Nicki
Howard, Tina
Inskeep, Steve and Carolee Gable
Irwin, Leslie
Jackson, Greg and Nancy (Reneau)
Klaas, Megan
Knapka, Joe
Lane, Marty
Layne, Rob and Sue Fossett
Leach, Mike
Litton, Brett
Maggard, Mike
Malone, Ruth
McCormick, Bill
McCoy, Buffy
Moore, Richie
Morota, Ikuko
Pasco, Teague
Pinson, Anita
Presley, Bill
Reneau, James M.
Selvia, John and Lisa
Sloan, Rob
Swartz, Dean
Terwillegar, Carol
Thurman, Rusty
Wait, Brandon
Wayman, Ruthann
Williams, Tony (AKA Phrawg)
Yatsushiro, Kazuko
-- Newer Additions --
Allender, James and Jeanette
Aufderhaar, Carolyn
Blair, Allen and Cathy
Boyer, Shelley
Buchanan, Greg
Cat, Einstein the
Garnett, Shaun and Denice
Gingerich, Lorie
Griffith, David
Lemaster, Jim
Lewis, Rachel
Martin, Liana
Massey, Cheryl
McLaughlin, Patt
Penn, Lee and Sue
Reedy, Kim
Schulte, Doug
Sither, Cindy
Skaggs, Patrick (Bar-Bar)
Stone, Miranda
Summers, Lori
Tresch-Reneau, Nancy
Walker, Shawn and Sarah
Willoughby, Tony
Yost, Alyzan
Home edit   del
Cell edit   del
PodCast Lisener Coment Line edit   del
(260) 918-0099
Personal - secondary email edit   del
rgthane at comcast.net
Main email edit   del
rgthane at gmail.com
web page: edit   del
web page: edit   del
About Work edit   del
I have taken a job in Berne, IN working for "House of White Birches".
I started Feb. 22, 2004
Update: starting job search
About where I live edit   del
I moved in with my girlfriend and her 2 kids.
I live just south of Ft. Wayne, IN. in Ossian, IN.

UPDATE 12/07: as of Christmas day I'm now engaged to my girlfriend of 5 years. Plans are up in the air but sooner than later. Leap year if it can be planned in time.

2/29/08: Lorie and I married on Leap Year, honeymoon in Detroit, MI (see images).

7/2/08: I had Gastric Bypass Surgery (RYN) at Carmel, IN. Staring weight 411.

8/4/08: I'm doing very well after surgery. Went back to work 10 days after. Current weight 358. Down 52 lbs.

12/30/08: still doing well after surgery. Weight loss has slowed due to lack of exercise, but I've lost 106 lbs. to 305.
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